WT* is this!

Hi adventurer,

It’s shown that I was not wrong when I sent you the letter… (JAJAJAJA, I maybe be a bit old but I have not lost my touch)

Now you are here and you may be asking WT* is Demons and Dices. This app is currently just a little project (shit, I cannot say this kind of things if I do not want to fear our dear adventurers) the best thing on the universe that the gods have been thought (this is better) to live dungerous and profit quests (you can say that you are here for the fame, but I cannot imagine you donating the treasure to the carity, so do not bluff me!!)

It is a role-playing game platform, where you will fight against the greatest evilest liarest villain of the world, the master of the game (all the master meet this qualities except my master, he is the greatest kindest honored person of the universe that only kill me to teach me what I have done wrong). You will fight with your friends against the best AI created, another human, with the only objetive to have a fun time while playing your favorite game without requesting meeting at a specific place (while you improve your back health as you will not carry the manual, the bestiary, the maps, the scenografy, the dices…).

I see that it is your first time on this place, so maybe you should go to the training camp where our dear instructor will teach you some useful things (do not look at his eyes If you do not want get hurt). If you need more details, please visit the library, where you will find a lot of information of this world. We also got a tavern, where you can find me if you want to listen a good story of my past life.

This place is currently under construction and we got some pets with us (yes, it’s better said pets than bugs to refer the giants rats that have infested us) hidden on the darkest corners, so if you see one, please call me and I will bring it to a farm outside this guild.

By the way, my name is Rayu and I am the guild master (so although you are stronger, clever and more carismatic than me, trait me with respect). If you have any question, please contact me at facebook.

Have a nice day


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