Demons and Dices has four different light sources:

  • Ambient light: This light source only affects elements outside the map (table, master screen, dice on the table, etc.).
  • Global light: This light source affects all elements of the game and can be used to set a mood for the adventure scene (for example, the tone can be set to red when adventurers are near a lava river).
  • Scenario light: This light is designed to represent the light source of the sun or moon, so the angle of the light source can be defined. It only affects the map elements.
  • Map element lights: Any object of the map can generate one of two different light sources: an omnidirectional light, such as the light cast by a torch, or a directional light, such as that cast by a lantern.


The color of the light can be defined independently for each of these light sources.

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