License Model

The game will be released with three different license models:

Note: In the beta version, the whole game and all functionality will be fully accessible. If you purchase any edition that allows access to the beta version, you will be able to host games for your friends with no restrictions (your friends will be able play using a free guest account).

Basic Model

You can play the game free of charge, which means you can host games or join any game created by anyone.

As master, you will be able to define the entire map using all resources available in the library, but you will not have access to the figures (except the one you unlocked).

As player, you will only get as selectable character tokens, the figures unlocked by the master, or the one you unlocked.

Note: If you want to use a not unlocked figure in the game, you will have to purchase it.

New functionality may be locked (or only a reduced version may be available). For example, for the Basic Model, the following applies to the released version:

  • Character sheets: Not available.
  • Movement tracker: Not available.
  • Specific dice rolling: Custom dice rolling will be supported, but you cannot use this with references from the character sheet.
  • Rest of functionality will be fully available.

Advertising campaigns may appear during your game.

Advanced Model

To access to this modality, a one-time payment of 149€ is required (109€ if you choose the Monk Edition during the Kickstarter campaign).

This modality permanently unlocks the entire functionality available at the launch of the released version (see previous section for more details). It also permanently unlocks all figures available at this time (except the one added through Druid and Wizard Editions at Kickstarter campaign).

Features implemented after the launch of the release version will not be available. If you wish to use these features, you will have to purchase them.

For example, if magic effects are implemented three months after the launch of the release version, you will have to make a one-time payment of X.XX € to use them.

Note: New functionality will be accessible free of charge for one month (to allow players to try it out and decide whether they want to use it).

Advertising campaigns will disappear from the game if this modality is chosen.

Premium Model

For a fee of 7.50 € per month, you will have access to the entire game with no restrictions or advertisements.

This modality will also grant access to the pre-released version of new functionality (at least one month prior to its release to the remaining users).

Note: One of the reason for defining a model based on a monthly subscription is that I do not want to create a game that will stop growing after the Kickstarter campaign is over, and I feel that if players can opt to stop paying for the game, this will be an incentive to continue developing it.

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