Jejejeje, adventurer. It seems that you are not only a brute brainless warrior (or maybe you are looking for the tavern, in this case go ahead, is on the next door)

In any case, there was an estrange fire the last week and some of our books where lost. We have taken measures to guarantee that this will not be happened (I promise that I will not try some fire spell to light me while reading books, so do not care about it) but for some time, the collected information is not fully available (at least, until my scholar finish the copy process)

The fire does not burn some boring books, so if you want to consult them, they are available for you. Just go to the correct section of the library and take the one that you need.

If you have any doubt, ask them to my scholar. I will be a bit busy at the tavern convincing the brute brainless warriors to come here to study a bit (I will need some money for the beer, so …)

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