Future Features

The previous features are those already available in the game, but there are not enough to implement a role-playing platform.

The main functionality that is still pending is the online support: In the current version, you can define the map, but you cannot play on it with other people.

This functionality is one of the most complex of the game, and although I am able to implement it, I prefer to hire a qualified person who can define a robust and safe platform. (This is one of the main reasons I am launching the Kickstarter campaign now, instead of waiting until the game is finished.)

I have planned the functionality that will be implemented over the course of the next month:

Beta Version (Mid 2018)

Before the beta can be launched, the following functionality needs to be defined:

  • Online functionality: To be able to start playing, users must be able to log into the server, share the map and the actions assigned to the figures and enable chat functionality between all players.
  • Rolling the Dice: Role-playing games cannot be played without dice, so this functionality is imperative.
  • Initiative tracker: Knowing the order of play is crucial to combat encounters, so this functionality must be available in the beta version.
  • Fog of War: It makes no sense for a player to see the entire map when the scenario starts, so it needs to be hidden by a fog of war that will lift when players start exploring it.
  • Measurement system: A system to measure the distance between two points will be available to easily check the range of spells and the movement capability of the units.

Release Version (Early 2019)

Although the functionality implemented in the beta version is enough to play online with your friends, the current platforms support a lot of useful functionality that simplifies the game development. I will also define this in the game:

  • Tokens: Although I will try to implement a large number of figures in the game, sometimes the desired enemy will not be available. In this case, the game will support importing an image and using it as the token for the missing figure.
  • Life tracker: During combat against multiple enemies, it is a bit difficult to track the damage to each unit. With this feature, each figure will track its own life, simplifying this task.
  • Character sheets: Importing them into the game will make it easy for all players to consult them during the game.
  • Movement tracker: This feature will allow the user to define the miniature’s trajectory (to clearly define whether or not the figure has activated the trap).
  • Specific dice rolling: In role playing games, there are some recurrent checks (such as attacks or perception checks) that are done multiple times during a session. This feature, together with the information from the character sheets, will support automating this check operations.
  • Area effect templates: Calculating the area affected by a spell without a template may lead to heated discussion with your friends. This feature clearly defines the area affected by a spell.
  • Journal: Tracking the history of your adventure will ensure you don’t forget something important.

After the Game is Released

Once the game is released, I plan to keep adding new functionality to the platform (the only reason I am not including this in the released version is to avoid making promises that I cannot keep).

Some of the ideas I am currently reviewing:

  • Magic effects: fireball animation is always a cool effect.
  • Exportable maps: Once you have defined your map, you can export it to create your adventure (currently you can capture the image from the map editor, but I want to improve the quality of the map exported).
  • Deck support: Add your custom cards to the game (to generate random encounters, random looting or random critical hit effects).
  • Rollable tables: The same functionality as that of the deck support, but with tables.
  • Map of the world: Sometimes, the campaign covers a large area (like a country) and you want to show it to the players. This functionality will allow you to define 3D maps for this purpose.
  • Figure customization: As with most games, you will be able to define your character from scratch and add the equipment you found during your adventure.
  • Auto-adjust map after import: One of the most tedious tasks when a new map is defined is adapting it to the grid size. I am working on coming up with a way to auto-adjust the image and offset it to the game grid.

Note: This is a list of my ideas for improving the game experience. The release date of these features has not been defined, and it is possible that some of them will never be implemented in order to keep space for other ones.

Note: Feel free to share any ideas you might have on how to improve the game, and I will consider whether I will implement them.


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