As there is a large variety of scenarios in role-playing games, there are lots of different enemies defending them. I tried to import some of them to the game, and as with the terrain options, I fully expect that the number of different figures will gradually grow:

  • Animals: Dogs, elephants, rats, horses, snakes, etc.
  • Demons: Our dear red horned friends.
  • Dinosaurs: Allosaurus, Dilophosaurus and T-Rex.
  • Dragons: No game would be complete without bone dragons, drakes and red dragons.
  • Heroes and Villains: Humanoid figures to represent the players and NPCs in the adventures.
  • Monsters: A generic category where you can find trolls, Nagas, minotaurs, earth elementals, etc.
  • Orcs: The well-known green skin humanoid figures.
  • Transports: Caravans, carts, ships and zeppelins.
  • Undead: Skeletons and zombies – the cleric adventurer’s best friends.

Demons and Dices has already scaled all library objects, so all you have to do is drag them to the desired position. If the object does not fit in the specific spot or is not correctly scaled, the app lets you move the object in any direction and modify its size as needed.


There are currently more than 120 different figures in Demons and Dices.

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